Why do the engine and cabin air filters in my car matter?

Why do air filters matter?

Hey everybody! Have you ever wondered “why do my air filters matter?”

If you have, we’re here to help! Almost all vehicles have two air filters.

  • The Cabin air filter

  • The Engine air filter (also known as the engine filter)

The cabin air filter is what filters the air we breathe. So when your car goes through dust or any inclement weather, your cabin air filter is what keeps the outside out. There’s an old saying, “if you don’t change your cabin filter, you ARE your cabin filter!”

The engine air filter prevents contaminants from getting into the engine. When the engine filter is not changed it will reduce gas mileage and decrease how well the engine performs. This happens because the engine is not getting enough air flow. For example, having a clogged or dirty engine filter is like trying to run a marathon with a hand covering your mouth.

We recommend replacing the engine and cabin air filters every 15,000 miles or as needed. The engine air filter is one of the aspects checked in our 30-point digital inspection. However, the cabin air filter is difficult to get to, so that is not checked as regularly. It’s a good idea to change the cabin air filter when the engine filter is replaced because they’re filtering the same air, so they get dirty at the same rate.

These pictures show a cabin air filter that a mouse made a home in. This means that every time someone in that car took a breath in, they were breathing THIS! Thankfully we were able to remove all of the fluff and replace the cabin air filter, so our guests were breathing clean air once again. This is a prime example of why it’s important to regularly check and change your air filters.

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Written by Jackie Wildman


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