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Here’s How To Plan For Common Jeep Repairs

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Jeep has had a reputation for reliable engines and resilient vehicles. They are synonymous with off-roading and adventure-driven lifestyles. However, their ruggedness can also lead to a few common repair issues. You’ll find that the way you drive your Jeep, and more importantly, how you maintain and repair it, directly affects the life and quality of your vehicle. Our technicians at Precision Auto put together a list of the most common issues with Jeeps so you can know what you may encounter over the life of your Jeep.

You may have heard of the death wobble. This is an extreme issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The cause of this issue is no mystery. Because Jeeps and other trucks have a solid front axle, any vibration issue with one tire will affect the other tire. What you will experience is a shuddering sensation at high speeds, and, in extreme cases, this will cause loss of control. Regularly checking your tire pressure and health and addressing any suspension issues will help prevent the death wobble in your vehicle.

Jeeps are also prone to exhaust leaks. Over the life of your vehicle, the exhaust manifold heats up and cools down repeatedly. This can lead to drying and cracking and cause a leak.

If you experience rough idling or misfiring in your engine, your Jeep may have clogged fuel injectors. Over time, build up in your injectors can disrupt the flow of fuel to your engine. Many Jeep owners have found that some fuel additives help prevent build up.

When you spend a lot of time with your Jeep out in the elements, you might be used to a bit of wind and rain. However, some Jeeps have trouble with water leaks. In the Cherokee and Wrangler, in particular, you may experience leaks around the windows. And Wrangler owners know that carefully changing the top to your vehicle can help prevent most of these leaks.

In models as early as 2007, some Jeep owners reported odd electronic malfunctions. Especially concerning the door locks, windows, and even the horn, the Jeep appears to be haunted! The key to fixing this issue is replacing the Totally Integrated Power Module or TIPM.

If you experience any of these issues in your Jeep, our factory-trained technicians at Precision Auto can help you find the source and fix the repair right the first time!

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