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Buying Review

This review is in reference to Bud at Precision Auto Inc. in their car sales department:

My husband and I were shopping for a specific Mazda CX-9, and luckily we found the “one” at Precision Auto.

It was a 2018 Mazda CX-9 Touring Edition with the Premium package. We called to schedule a test drive, and right away Bud helped us to understand precisely what would be needed for a successful sales transaction to occur. His car buying checklist helped us to understand what he needed paperwork wise before we test drove, so that when we arrived for the test drive we could truly focus on the car.

During the test drive Bud took the time to allow us to explore the features of the car and helped even to get the Bluetooth setup for the radio to test out the 12 Bose speakers. We had to ensure our car seat would fit behind the driver’s seat, and Bud gave us the time and space to adjust the car seat and driver’s seat.

He gave us the initial run down of the car, asked if we had any questions, and then said he’d let us have some alone time with the car to look it over. He went inside the sales area, and it was so refreshing to have no salesman breathing down our neck as we looked over the car from top to bottom.

Even when we weren’t able to initially feel the lane assist vibration, he let us play with the settings to ensure this extremely important safety feature met our standards.

Speaking of standards: Precision Auto Inc. has some of the highest quality standards I’ve ever seen in a used car seller! Not only are all the cars accident free, but they have regular maintenance records to help you feel confident that they have been well cared for once you purchase them. See a car at another used car dealership, but notice no service records for the first 40,000 miles of its life? Not very comforting! Not the case with Precision Auto!

Now, we left after our test drive and agreed to put down a down payment with the intentions of purchasing two days later when our paperwork was completed. On signing day, we arrived and immediately Bud said he had replaced the battery and gave us the receipt when he said the battery didn’t register full voltage on his final inspection of the car . What other car dealership puts in extra money willingly if they don’t have to?!Now, Bud had a checklist and was so courteous as our 2 year old “helped” during the signing. He explained all the paperwork as we signed it, and sent the title paperwork via FedEx. On the day he sent it, he even gave a courtesy text to let us know when to expect it.

All in all, I would buy a car from Precision Auto Inc. in a heartbeat, even if it was over an hour from our home, because the process was handled so well and we were treated so well. There is not a “pushy” car sales vibe at all, and it was a very pleasant experience! A very big thank you to Bud at Precision Auto Inc!

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