Meet the Team: Maria - Precision Auto

Meet the Team: Maria

Maria has been a service adviser with us for almost three years. Let’s hop to it!

What was your first ever job?

  • In high school I worked at a Bath and Body Works. I still get headaches when I smell their perfumes!

What inspired you to work in the automotive industry?

  • Honestly? Sheer luck. My parents have a home business so family owned businesses have always appealed to me. However, I was working at a very popular coffee chain that will remain unnamed and Jackie (one of the owners) approached me and told me something I’ll never forget. “I love your customer service and I want you to work for me.” Talk about an opportunity falling into your lap!

So you had never worked with cars before this?

  • Haha not even close! Before I was trained here I think I had not changed the oil in my car in over 10,000 miles. I didn’t know how to put air in my tires, I didn’t know not to drive with a check engine light on. I ran that poor car to death! I’m grateful that I know better now.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

  • I’ve developed a passion for this career and a deep admiration for the people I work with. Brinda is incredibly organized, Mario has a personality like sunshine and Andy is fair and holds us accountable. I don’t know how I feel about that Jackie lady though! (Hey!) I’m just teasing, you guys built this place from the ground up and I’m so happy that you did.

Thank you for choosing Precision Auto!

Written by Jackie Wildman

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