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Most Common Kia Repairs

“Arise,” Enjoy Your Kia, and Repair It When Necessary

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Kia has become a very popular line of vehicles in the United States. Partially owned by vehicle manufacturer Hyundai, Kia makes 11 models (Cadenza, Forte, K900, Niro, Optima, Rio, Sedona, Sorento, Soul, Sportage, and Stinger) with some models offering variations in body style and power source (traditional combustion engine, hybrid, or electric).

All Vehicles Need Repair

Once known as a very basic line of cars, Kia's expanded options and features along with reasonable prices as compared to other vehicle manufacturers have made it a true competitor in the car market. Kia vehicles have won J.D. Power awards for performance and quality. One major draw for the company is its offer of a long warranty. The second largest car company in its native country, Kia's market share in the United States is growing.

Rely On the Experts

Kia translates as "to arise to the world from Asia." Indeed, it has arisen as a very popular car choice. If you purchase one, you are likely to be satisfied. However, as with any car, at some point, you will need to make repairs. When that time comes, the ASE certified technicians at Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, is your dealership alternative service department for a full range of service and repairs for your Kia.

Common Repairs

The Kia is an overall reliable brand so most repairs are those common to any make vehicle. One area that eventually needs attention is the braking system. Some common indicators and repairs are as follows:

  • The dashboard brake light is illuminated, which could mean the emergency brake could be engaged or you could need routine brake service
  • A soft/spongy feel to the pedal when braking could indicate a possible fluid leak or a problem with the master cylinder. (Tip: If your car has power brakes, the pedal should stop an inch or inch-and-a-half from the floor. If it has manual brakes, the pedal's final position should be at least 3 inches from the floor.)
  • Grinding/squealing/squeaking could mean that your brake pads need replacing or scraping/wobbling/vibrating when braking are potential indicators of uneven rotors.
  • Transmission repairs also become more common with high mileage. If your car demonstrates difficulty changing gears, makes unusual noises as the vehicle accelerates through gear changes, or appears to be leaking transmission fluid, you may need to have the transmission evaluated and/or repaired.
  • When cars are difficult to start, won't start, or when the battery light is lit on the dashboard, a weak battery is often the culprit. Even with proper maintenance, batteries will lose their charge over time and must be replaced.

Frequently Reported Issues

Although the Kia models are overall very reliable, boast great warranties, and have won many awards, there have been a few issues that stand out (as there are with nearly any make/model car). The most notable and frequently reported issues are engine failure in the 2011 Optima, blown engines in the 2013 Optima, and catastrophic engine failure in the 2012 Sorento. Each of these anomalies occurred at a lower than expected average vehicle mileage, triggering the concerns. One might note, however, that these failures are specific to only a few models and years.

Precision Auto is Here to Help

The good news? Should you experience these or any other problems with your Kia, the team of certified professionals at Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, can help you with any necessary repairs.

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