Oil Change in Germantown, MD

Keep things running smoothly by having your oil changed regularly

At Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, we know that your engine’s oil is its lifeblood. Dirty oil can cause various problems for your vehicle, and leave you with high replacement costs if not changed regularly. By adhering to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and changing your oil at regular intervals, you’re protecting the engine’s internal parts to ensure reliability when you need it the most.

You May Need an Oil Change If:

  • You see a service reminder notification pop up on your instrument panel
  • You have reached the mileage indicated on your windshield’s oil change sticker
  • Your dipstick is showing low oil

Notifications or lights may appear on your dashboard panel when it’s time to service the oil, and it’s important not to ignore these. Vehicles are built with systems that help drivers stay on top of specific needs so that they can avoid costly repairs. If you see a light or notification, or if the oil level is visibly low when you check the oil dipstick, it’s time to have the vehicle serviced.

Causes of Dirty or Low Oil:

  • Driving habits
  • Too much time between changes
  • Oil leaks

How you drive your vehicle and the average duration of car trips can have a significant impact on the cleanliness and life-expectancy of your oil. If most of your outings are short, your car has less time to cycle the oil than if you drove for longer periods. If the majority of trips are within Germantown, you may need to replace your oil more often, someone who is constantly driving greater distances outside of town. Stretching the timeline between oil changes allows dirty or weak oil to circulate throughout the engine, which doesn’t provide good lubrication to the engine’s internal components. If not monitored, leaks in the system can arise, and oil will be lost when driving. If you’re seeing drips of oil staining your driveway, it could eventually lead to the engine functioning incorrectly due to an insufficient amount of fluid.

Schedule Service With Us

If you’re unsure whether your oil is protecting the way that it should be, or if you can’t recall the last time it was changed, we’ll help to make sure everything is running smoothly. Give us a call at (301) 428-3447 or use our online scheduling system to make an appointment. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by our shop for walk-in service. Find us at 12811 Middlebrook Road at the intersection of Middlebrook Rd. and Germantown Rd. We look forward to seeing you soon!