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When You Should Change the Oil in Your Car

Recommended Oil Service Intervals

When was the last time you got your oil changed? Is it time to change it again? There are a few factors that influence how long you can go between fluid service. If you have questions about the ideal interval for your vehicle, ask the experts at Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland!

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

The first piece of information you need to find the best oil change schedule is in your owner’s manual. Your vehicle’s manufacturer has included a recommended service timeline for all essential maintenance items, including fluid service. This will tell you how long your vehicle should run on the same motor oil. However, there are limitations to this recommendation, as the manufacturer doesn’t account for individual distinctions in vehicle owners.

Driving Habits

You might drive the same car as someone else, but you likely don’t drive it the same way. You might drive more or less often. You might be a more or less aggressive driver (someone who is fast to accelerate and slow to brake). These driving habits influence the lifespan of motor oil. If you drive often, you might need oil changes sooner than the recommended timeline. If you operate your car in extreme conditions, you might need a different type of motor oil for better performance. A professional can take your individual traits into account to create an efficient oil service schedule.

Maintenance History

Another aspect that influences services schedules is the type and age of the vehicle. As vehicles age, it can be helpful to change the type of oil you use or how often you visit the auto shop for service. Our technicians recommend a high-mileage oil for cars that have 70,000 miles or more. If your car has had engine work recently, that might change how it needs service. Be sure to consult with an expert for your unique vehicle.

Do you know when to change the oil in your car? Use these three things to guide you! Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland can also help you find the best schedule for your needs.

Written by Jackie Wildman