Family-Owned & Operated--Precision Auto

Bud Wildman – Owner

My love of cars began as a young boy. My father ran an auto repair shop in Bethesda and we were very close. I spent a great deal of time there “helping” my father. When I got a little older, we built go-carts, refurbished mini-bikes, and overhauled four-wheelers. We would buy these items cheap because they didn’t run, and then we would do a complete overhaul. We had more fun building them than driving them. In high school, I took Auto Shop. I bought a 1964 Pontiac GTO that was in horrible shape and literally dragged it to the school. My class and I spent the next year restoring the GTO inside and out. I got a job at Germantown Amoco to earn the money to pay for the parts and supplies I needed for the car. The Amoco was only a couple miles from my house and I could ride my bike back and forth to work. At the age of 16, I had one of the coolest cars in town.

After high school, I worked with my father and started evening classes to get my ASE certifications. I became a master technician. More importantly, the on the job training I received from my father was priceless. He had an outstanding work ethic and always did a quality repair. He taught me what was right, fair and ethical. When my father retired, I set out to build an auto shop in Germantown. I began repairing cars right out of my parent’s house, saving my money and looking for a commercial location in Germantown. I found that property in 1979 and built the shop in 1982. I concentrated on the business, worked long and hard and hired staff slowly as the business grew. With the support of my family and friends, my business became a success.

Come Meet the Team–We’ll Take Care Of You!

In 1996, my wife Jackie joined me full time in the business to help me with all the administrative tasks. In 2002, we completed an addition to the back of the shop, expanding it from 5 to 10 bays. Our business was continuing to grow and this expansion would allow us to better serve our customers. In 2007, my son Andy decided to join us in the business. He now runs all the daily operations and is poised to take over the business when I retire. I haven’t forgotten where I came from, or the values that my father taught me. The team at our shop represents those values every day. I am very proud to say that when you come to Precision Auto, you will get the quality service that you deserve!