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Award-Winning Auto Services – Germantown, MD

Recognized As the Nation’s Best

Precision Auto was honored to be named 2017 Top Shop in the nation by Automotive Training Institute’s (ATI) president Chris Frederick. Precision also earned the Top Shop Award in 2014 and becomes one of only three shops in the country that have received this honor more than once.

“This is the greatest achievement in our history,” said Bud, “we are truly blessed. I give credit to our entire team and to my son Andy and lovely wife Jackie, without whom none of this would have been possible.”

The award was presented in the final hours of a 4-day conference that is held annually in the different resort location each year. ATI evaluates over 1500 of the best independent auto shops across the United States and Canada, looking for the best managed auto shop in the industry.

“At ATI, we have always recognized high achievers,” said Chris Frederick.” “Starting with the Top 150 from all over North America and Canada, we reduced the list of qualifiers to 75, then to 50, then to 25, then 12, and, finally, the ATI Top Shop. We are very pleased this year to award Precision Auto the highest award of Top Shop in the nation.”