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Meet the Team: Mario

Mario is the newest member of our team so it’s time for an interview! Tell me about yourself! That’s a hard one! I’m fluent in Spanish. I’ll be 29 on February 9th. I’m recently married, my wife and I moved to Germantown from Frederick and we love it here. My favorite football team is the

5 Key Auto Windshield Maintenance Tips for Maryland Drivers

The windshield of your automobile is what allows for good driving habits. If your vision is impaired, then you risk the safety of yourself and others on the road. When glass is exposed to elements of weather, it can develop a variety of issues. The clarity of the glass may fade. Extreme changes in temperatures

Signs Your Maryland Vehicle Needs Brake Repair

Your brakes help to form a system of safety as you drive through beautiful Maryland. When their functionality is reduced, then you place yourself, your family, and other drivers at a greater risk of harm. Brakes are not something we usually think about until at least 20,000 miles have been driven. Many vehicles can make

Automotive Tune-Up Tips for Drivers in Germantown, MD

Tune-ups tend to be a summer tradition in Maryland. Any change in the seasons, however, is a good prompt to think about what your vehicle may need in the coming months. No one wants to be stuck with an unexpected breakdown. Here are some ways you can give your vehicle a small tune-up at home.

How to Maintain Your Tires in Germantown, MD

Good tire health is the key to unlocking the maximum performance of your vehicle. There are several things you can do right away before tackling your daily commute. Check the air pressure in the tire to ensure it matches manufacturer recommendations. Perform regular maintenance on your tires. Have your tires inspected often. These simple checkups