What Is An Auto Tune-Up, And Why Do You Need One?

Auto Tune Ups

What is an auto tune up?

Most newer vehicles need a tune-up every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. If you drive an older vehicle, talk with your mechanic and make a schedule that meets your vehicle's needs when it comes to automotive tune-ups. A tune-up can mean different things to different drivers and mechanics, so it's managing your expectations about what your mechanic is looking for and repairing when they perform a tune-up is important.

What Does a Tune Up Include?

Most tune ups include the following services:

  1. Air Filter Replacement
  2. Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement
  3. Ignition Component (distributor cap and wires) Inspection and Replacement
  4. Fuel Filter Replacement
  5. Computer Diagnostics and Error Code Inspection
  6. Oil and Oil filter Change

How Long Will a Tune Up Take?

The time it takes to tune up your vehicle will vary, but a mechanic will need 2-4 hours to complete the tune-up for most vehicles.

Why Do You Need a Tune-Up?

A tune-up is critical to your car's preventative maintenance schedule. When you get a tune-up, your mechanic inspects your vehicle's major systems and can often spot problems in their infancy and before they cause more extensive and expensive damage. The most-used and fastest-to-wear-out vehicle parts get a good once over by your mechanic and will be replaced before they fail. Tune-ups allow your mechanic to adjust settings and improve the performance of your vehicle as well.

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Written by Precision Auto