What Are Some Common Cadillac Repair Issues

Cadillac Repair

What are some common Cadillac repair issues?

In the past, the name Cadillac meant quality luxury. In more recent years, however, there have been many issues cropping up in different models that can lead to expensive repairs for your Cadillac.

Cadillac DeVille Issues

The Deville is a classic model of Cadillac. One of the common issues that have come up with this model is that the power windows either get stuck or don’t work at all. Starting with the 1991 model, failures in the power window regulators in any of the doors can lead to the windows falling into the doors. Now, you’ll be unable to roll the window back up.

The Cadillac DeVille has known issues with temperature control in the air conditioning unit and oil leaks in the lower engine. All of these issues can lead to high Cadillac repair costs.

Cadillac CTS Issues

Retired in 2019, the Cadillac CTS was an executive-class vehicle with many advanced technological systems. This model is most known for having problems with failed steering wheel position sensors, reduced engine power and a connected check engine light error, and passenger seat sensor failures. Each of these issues, individually, can cost from $80 to $100 to repair. Since most of these vehicles are past the limits of the factory warranty, you’ll be out of pocket for repairs.

Cadillac Escalade Issues

The Escalade is a status-symbol SUV packed with bells and whistles. Unfortunately, some of those bells and whistles can be problematic. One of the most common problems Escalade owners encounter is broken door handles that make it so you cannot open the vehicle doors. This issue affects both the interior and exterior door handles. The Escalade is known to suffer from temperature control problems for heating and air conditioning systems. Another problem Escalade owners encounter is faulty power door locks. This happens when the door lock actuators fail. Finally, the Escalade is known to have problems starting because of problems with the anti-theft system. Your vehicle’s ignition can be locked out when the anti-theft system fails.

Any of these issues with your Cadillac can lead to the need for repairs on your vehicle. Precision Auto is your local Cadillac repair specialty shop in Germantown, MD. Why not call them today and make an appointment to have a full diagnostic performed on your Cadillac so you can avoid more costly and time-consuming repairs?

Written by Precision Auto