Signs Of Engine Failure You Shouldn't Ignore

Engine Repair

What are the warning signs of engine failure?

Your car has many ways of telling you there's something wrong. From dashboard warning lights to sounds, smoke, and changes in performance, these are some signs your engine needs repair soon.

Strange Noises

Your vehicle makes all sorts of noises, but you recognize when one or more of those noises is out of the ordinary. Knocking, squealing, and grinding noises are all signs you need to call your mechanic and may need engine repair.

Excessive Smoke

A little exhaust smoke is normal, but clouds of smoke following your vehicle down the road or smoke coming from somewhere other than your exhaust pipe are signs of trouble. Blue smoke points you toward an oil leak. White smoke says there's water somewhere it shouldn't be, or that coolant has gotten into the fuel supply. Black smoke shows you there's a problem with fuel combustion efficiency. Any of these smoke colors coming from your vehicle is a sign you need to call your mechanic and make an appointment for inspection and repair.

Check Engine Light

A flashing check engine light is a sign you need engine repair immediately. A solid check engine light is not quite as dire and may be linked to several systems in your vehicle. The check engine light can mean you didn't put your gas cap back on correctly the last time you fueled your car, or it could mean a catastrophic failure in the ignition, combustion, or exhaust systems. If you notice the check engine light lit on your dashboard–especially if you can't remember when it came on–it's time to take your car to your favorite service station for inspection and possible engine repairs.

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Written by Precision Auto