10 Reasons You Need to Get Your Oil Changed | Germantown, MD | Precision Auto

10 Things You Need to Know About Oil Changes

  1. Oil Changes Keep the Engine Clean & Healthy
  2. Oil changes protect the engine by lubricating parts and controlling running temperatures to prevent excessive wear and overheating.

  3. They Help You Avoid Breakdowns
  4. If you never change the oil, dirt and contaminants will degrade engine parts, leading to repairs and potential breakdowns. Old oil fails to lubricate and could cause overheating and engine failure.

  5. Motor Oil Gets Dirty
  6. Over time, dirt, debris, and contaminants from the road find their way into the motor oil and all the components that it lubricates. That’s why you have to change it before damage occurs.

  7. Your Vehicle Needs Them
  8. Your vehicle was designed to run on clean motor oil. Without frequent oil changes, your car can’t function at its peak level.

  9. Your Vehicle’s Manufacturer Recommends Them
  10. Your vehicle’s manufacturers wanted you to know everything about your car and how to take care of it. That’s why they included a recommended service schedule with oil change intervals in your owner’s manual.

  11. You Should Follow a Regular Schedule
  12. When you follow the factory recommended maintenance schedule or one that fits your individual driving habits, you prevent problems ahead of time. Preventative maintenance could save you time and money on auto repairs!

  13. You Have to Use the Right Kind of Oil for Your Car
  14. There are many choices of motor oils, but not all of them are properly suited for your vehicle. Swapping out oil with the wrong viscosity could lead to serious problems.

  15. There are “Luxury” Motor Oils
  16. When selecting a new motor oil, you want to consider what’s right for your vehicle. High-end performance cars should use higher-end motor oils. They cost more, but they really do help your vehicle achieve its optimal performance.

  17. You Can Change it On Your Own
  18. Because oil changes are something that should be done often, many drivers want to know if they can do it on their own. You can! But be sure to follow careful steps so as not to create further damages to your vehicle!

  19. Motor Oil Must Be Carefully Handled
  20. If you choose to change your oil on your own, be sure to follow standards for the process and disposal. Ask around to find a motor oil recycling program near you!

Written by Jackie Wildman