Practical Tire Maintenance Tips for Maryland Drivers | Precision Auto

How to Maintain Your Tires in Germantown, MD

Good tire health is the key to unlocking the maximum performance of your vehicle. There are several things you can do right away before tackling your daily commute.

  • Check the air pressure in the tire to ensure it matches manufacturer recommendations.

  • Perform regular maintenance on your tires.

  • Have your tires inspected often.

These simple checkups can improve the life of your tires. For a tire that is chronically under-inflated by 10%, you could reduce its overall life by the same amount. That means you’ll get 6,000 miles less out of a 60,000-mile tire while also suffering from worse fuel efficiency.

Why Tire Rotation Is Important for Vehicles

Your front and rear axles put different pressures on your tires. That means each tire receives a different pattern of wear. By rotating your tires, you’ll prevent one tire from receiving the same wear pattern, which can reduce its overall lifespan.

Most manufacturers recommend that your tires be rotated about every 8,000 miles. Some may recommend a rotation at 6,000 miles or less.

No matter how many miles you’ve driven, however, if you see signs of irregular wear, then the tires should be rotated.

After the tires are rotated, consider having them balanced. Any time a tire is replaced, or a balance weight is changed, your tires should be balanced. You’ll know if your tires are out of balance if you experience wobbling or vibrations and there is not a brake issue involved.

Tire Alignment Is Equally Important

If your tire alignment is off, then your vehicle may no longer be safe to drive. Restoring proper alignment requires a small adjustment to the affected suspension components.

Consider having your tires aligned if you see a wear pattern on the outer edge of the tire. You may also notice changes to how your vehicle steers, especially after striking an object in the roadway, like a curb. If your vehicle drifts to one side, even if the road is straight, then you’ll need this service performed to maintain your tires.

Lastly, make sure your tires are properly registered with the manufacturer in case a recall is issued for what you’ve purchased. That way, your tires will have the greatest chance to perform as they should and keep you safe on the road.

Written by Jackie Wildman