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Five Tips To Keep Cool And Avoid Car AC Repair

Whether you’re driving a performance Import vehicle, a rugged 4-by-4, or anything in between, AC Repair is a universal issue. Everyone has their idea of the perfect temperature, and your AC system should be capable of keeping you cool. If you think your car isn’t living up to its frosty potential, there are five tips you can do to improve your vehicle’s AC.

Within your AC system, several air filters keep engine and road debris from being circulated throughout your vehicle. As the debris builds up over time, it prevents airflow into the cabin and could be stopping any cold air from reaching you at all! In some vehicles, the air filter is easily accessible so that you can check it at home.

Starting temperature is also a critical factor in how cold your AC can get. If you park in direct sunlight, your vehicle could reach temperatures above 170 degrees! If you hop in that car and try to run the AC, you’ll be waiting even longer to achieve anything close to a comfortable temperature. In the summer, it is definitely worth the extra time looking for a shaded parking spot to prevent unnecessary temperature extremes in your vehicle.

Before the peak of summer heat, you may want to check your freon levels in your AC system. If your coolant or fluids are low, this will lead to low pressure in your AC system, and it will be less effective at cooling you down.

It may sound illogical, but if you can avoid turning to Max AC right away, your vehicle will be able to cool down quicker. Max AC circulates the air that’s already in the cabin, which we just mentioned could be up in the 100s. Instead, make sure your AC is set to bring in outside air to flush out the cabin, then you can switch to Max AC and crank the cold!

Where you set your temperature is also an essential factor in how efficient your AC can run. Set your temperature to the coldest setting. If you keep it somewhere in the middle, your system cools the air and then heats it back to the middle temperature before pumping it into the cabin. Instead, keep the temperature on the coolest setting and just adjust the fan speed

If your AC still isn’t keeping you cool enough after these adjustments, you may want to consult a factory-trained technician like our team at Precision Auto.

Written by Precision Auto