Meet the family: Bud - Precision Auto

Meet the family: Bud

Hi everybody! Next up in our "Meet the family" series you'll meet Bud, the owner and founder of Precision Auto.

Tell us a bit about yourself

  • I am so proud of my family; I have two wonderful grandchildren. I'm very lucky because I'm able to sneak away to spend time with the one who is local as well as the one in Alabama. I love learning about new technology, learning new ways to communicate with our clients and being surrounded by my family. We are truly a family owned business, I've worked with my bride Jackie for 35 years and we now work with Andy's bride Jessica.

What do you love most about our shop?

  • I can't believe you're going to make me choose! I love the energy and sense of team work. We have something we call the "Golden Wrench Award" and every month all of the employees nominate someone who they feel has gone above and beyond. This could be a service writer who went the extra mile for a client, or a technician who came in on a Saturday to make things more convenient for a guest, or anything in between . We read all of the nominations out loud and then a winner is chosen. I think reading them aloud brings a sense of pride to everyone, and we all get to hear about "golden wrench moments" that could've been missed.

What's your favorite part of the day?

  • Every morning I come through the back of the shop instead of the front door. That way I get to see everyone and greet them personally, and by the time I'm up front the laughter is bubbling out.

Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay?

  • I LOVE pineapple on pizza! We always go to Vocelli's whenever we have lunch as a shop, and their pizzas with pineapple are fantastic.
Thank you for choosing Precision Auto!

Written by Jackie Wildman