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Oil Changes Are Key to Long Engine Life

Don’t forget to give your oil filter some TLC

In car maintenance terms, oil changes are the bread and butter of services that keep your vehicle running smoothly. Within the oil system of your vehicle, though, other services need to be performed at regular intervals as well. Your oil filter plays a key role in the health of your oil system, but there’s more than just one filter to consider. After all, your oil is what stands between you and an overheated engine on the side of the highway.

Beyond just cleaning the oil as it passes through, your oil filter also controls the movement of your oil so that it’s in the right place. The tapping plate is like the entrance to the filter. Oil pours over the plate and through small holes, then it passes through the filter material and is funneled into the engine to circulate. The filter material performs the process the oil filter is known for, it clears the debris and grit from the oil. Over time, bits of your engine slough off into the oil, and even dirt from the road can blow up into your engine. Once it’s filtered, the oil passes the anti-drain back valve which prevents oil seeping back the wrong way through the filter while your engine is shut off. The relief valve within the oil filter will help you if your engine oil is a bit sluggish with cold. It will move some unfiltered oil into your system to help it become more liquid and viscous. Finally, the end discs keep any unfiltered oil from leaving the oil filter until it’s ready.

This compact minor system plays a big role in your vehicle and keeping it clean. Throughout 3,000 miles, your oil will have passed through the oil filter 12,000 times. All the while, the oil filter and the oil itself are accumulating debris from the engine and the road. Exchanging the oil and replacing the filter is a sure-fire way to relieve sluggishness in your performance and increase your fuel efficiency. This will also allow your technician to look over your system for any developing faults or issues. Your engine will thank you with a long life of smooth driving!

Written by Precision Auto