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Signs Your Maryland Vehicle Needs Brake Repair

Your brakes help to form a system of safety as you drive through beautiful Maryland. When their functionality is reduced, then you place yourself, your family, and other drivers at a greater risk of harm.

Brakes are not something we usually think about until at least 20,000 miles have been driven. Many vehicles can make it 40,000 miles on a set of brake pads, but not all vehicles are the same.

There are some signs and symptoms, however, that indicate your vehicle may need to have a brake repair sooner. Below are examples of what you’ll want to look for when driving.

Symptoms of Brakes Which Require Service

You have a shrieking noise. It might be described as a squeal, a grind, or a shriek. Either way, you only hear this sound when you hit the brake petal. That sound happens because the steel brake pad wear indicators are hitting your rotor.

Your brake light comes on your dashboard. If your brake light comes on and your parking brake is disengaged, then it is time to have your brakes inspected. Some vehicles use this as a warning that the brake pad wear indicator is being contacted which means the brake pads are due to be replaced.

Your steering wheel vibrates. If your steering wheel moves back and forth rapidly when you depress the brake pedal, then your rotor is likely uneven. Your brake pads may still be good. You’ll want to get that rotor replaced or resurfaced to maintain control of your vehicle while coming to a stop.

You have a soft brake pedal. When your brake pedal sinks closer to the floor, then you need a brake repair immediately. Several issues could be affecting the performance of this system.

Your vehicle pulls to one side. When this happens, you typically have a brake caliper not functioning as it should. That causes the braking pressure to become unbalanced, which is why the vehicle pulls.

You smell something burning. Calipers can get stuck sometimes. They can also pick up debris along the road. Burning smells can also be produced by an overheated brake or clutch. Let the system cool, then come in for an inspection.

Does Your Vehicle Require a Brake Repair?

Brake repairs are not something you should put off. The cost of the repair will continue to build the longer you put it off after experiencing these symptoms. Bring your vehicle in to Precision Auto today for an inspection if you are unsure of the symptoms you are experiencing. In the world of brakes, it is always to err on the side of caution.

Written by Jackie Wildman