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Wheel Alignment Is One Service With Multiple Benefits

Wheel Alignment Extends Vehicle Life

The signs of poor wheel alignment are pretty obvious. If your steering wheel is pointed straight, but your vehicle isn’t driving straight, that will be one of the earliest signs. Vibrations, noises, and generally poor vehicle control will follow shortly. As part of a regular preventative maintenance plan with oil changes and tire rotations, including a wheel alignment could help prevent issues with your tires. Our technicians at Precision Auto put together a list of the five best reasons to keep up with your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

Smoother Ride

When one or more tires are out of alignment, they cause unnecessary resistance to the other tires that are pointed in the right direction. That one tire will cause sluggish and uneven motion in your ride.

Better Gas Mileage

When your tires are properly aligned, they will encounter the least resistance possible on the road. All four tires will roll smoothly, without one fighting in a slightly different direction. This ensures that all the power generated by your engine is used to propel your vehicle forward, not fight against resisting tires.

Better Control

We mentioned your steering would be one of the first things compromised by poor wheel alignment, and it will be the first thing restored after your four wheels are set right. You will feel less resistance to your steering movements, and your vehicle will be more responsive to your controls.

Fewer Vehicle Repairs

Taking away unnecessary resistance and improving the smoothness of your ride will have a beneficial effect on the rest of your vehicle. You will experience fewer auto repairs because there is less friction in tension in your engine.

Longer Tire Life

Finally, and the most clear-cut money-saving benefit to wheel alignment is the longer life you will get out of your tires. When they are all aligned and working together, they will experience less wear against the road itself and your vehicle. An easier time for your wheels means a longer life.

If your vehicle shows signs of poor wheel alignment such as loss of control, erratic movements, or poor gas mileage, the best course of action is to have it inspected by factory-trained technicians.

Written by Precision Auto