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5 Key Auto Windshield Maintenance Tips for Maryland Drivers

The windshield of your automobile is what allows for good driving habits. If your vision is impaired, then you risk the safety of yourself and others on the road. When glass is exposed to elements of weather, it can develop a variety of issues. The clarity of the glass may fade. Extreme changes in temperatures could even cause it to crack. With the unpredictability of seasons in Maryland, here are the key tips you’ll need to properly care for your windshield throughout the year.

Easy Ways to Prolong Windshield Life

#1. Don’t park in direct sunlight whenever possible.

If you can find some shade for your vehicle, then use it to protect the health of your windshield. Long periods of sunshine can fade window tinting. It can also oxidize the glass, which may discolor the windshield over time.

#2. Cool down your vehicle’s interior slowly.

On a hot day, blasting your air conditioning might feel good to you. It may not feel good to the windshield. The extreme, sudden change in temperature increases the risk of a crack occurring in the glass. In severe incidents, windshields have even been known to shatter.

#3. Reduce moisture contact.

Try to keep the windshield as dry as you can during the warmer months. Heat tends to cause the bonds which surround the windshield to become unstable. Make sure your windshield wipers are clean by inspecting them every time you stop for fuel. A clean, dry cloth can help you to remove excessive interior moisture that may develop as well.

#4. Repair any damage immediately.

Have you seen vehicles using duct tape to keep their windshield bonds in place? What about those windshields that see small chips turn into large cracks over time? Any repair should be completed as soon as possible to preserve the health of the windshield. Wait too long and you may require a full replacement.

#5. Treat your car right.

Slamming your doors creates a vibration that can dislodge the security of your windshield. Those vibrations also encourage small points of damage to become larger repairs very quickly.

Your Windshield Needs Your Love

With a few proactive efforts, you can easily maintain the health of your windshield as you handle your business. By making investments now, you’ll avoid the higher costs of extensive repairs later on.

Written by Jackie Wildman