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30/60/90 Maintenance

30k/60k/90k Maintenance in Germantown, Maryland

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The Importance of 30k/60k/90k Maintenance

Maintenance is a key aspect of vehicle ownership. Not only does it ensure the proper function of your vehicle, but it also optimizes performance and fuel efficiency, promotes vehicle longevity, and prevents issues from developing. Every owner’s manual lists the required maintenance services for your specific make and model. However, you can also consult our team for guidance as well. Many vehicles follow a 30k/60k/90k maintenance plan, which requires service for your car after every 30,000 miles driven. It’s an opportunity for major maintenance services to be performed and inspections to be conducted to avert car problems and breakdowns. If any issue is found outside of the regular maintenance tasks, we’ll be able to take care of it with our professional diagnostics, repair, and parts replacement abilities. Here at Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, we offer a lengthy list of routine services and are more than capable of performing all 30k/60k/90k maintenance services.