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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Germantown, Maryland

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Overview of Automotive Transmissions

In today’s vehicles, there are three main types of transmission offered: automatic, manual (or stick-shift), and continuously variable transmission (CVT). The main goal of a transmission is to channel the power generated by the engine to the wheels, and each of the three main types does it a bit differently. An automatic transmission selects the gear for you concerning the speed and road condition (all you have to do is shift into drive or reverse), while a manual transmission requires the driver’s input to change gears. A CVT is similar to an automatic in that it takes care of gear selection for you, but it utilizes a belt-and-pulley system in place of individual gears. Whether your transmission is acting up or you’d like the peace of mind knowing it’s in good shape, Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, has you covered with reliable transmission repair and maintenance services! We are thoroughly trained and have experience working with all transmission types and makes and models. Consult our team of transmission repair experts today.