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Engine Repair

Engine Repair in Germantown, Maryland

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How to Care for Your Engine

The engine is a complex system that consists of dozens of parts. For your engine to properly operate, every single piece needs to be in working condition. Some of the most important parts of your engine include the engine block, cylinder head, combustion chamber, crankshaft, camshaft, timing chain, valves, spark plugs, and fuel injectors. One of the best ways to ensure all components are in top shape is to commit to a routine maintenance schedule. By doing so, the entire unit is being inspected regularly and serviced when necessary, worn parts are being replaced, and potential problems are being addressed. If a problem is detected, rest assured our technicians possess the know-how to rectify it. Here at Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, we are experienced in all forms of engine repair and maintenance and are dedicated to being your trusted source for car care. Additional ways you can keep your engine purring soundly are to ease up on start-and-stop driving, periodically check for leaks, fill your gas tank before it gets too low, and heed to dashboard warning lights in an efficient manner.