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Auto Electrical Repair

Auto Electrical Repair in Germantown, Maryland

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Understanding Your Car’s Electrical System

There are many ways modern vehicles rely on electricity. Your ECU and infotainment system, plus everyday essentials like AC, power steering, and power windows, all need electricity to function. The electrical system in a typical vehicle consists of numerous components, but a trio is necessary to the operation of your car: the battery, starter, and alternator. By storing electricity, the battery regulates electricity output and powers the starter. The starter then primes the engine, running and powering the alternator. The alternator closes the loop, charging the battery and supplying current to everything from your spark plugs and fuel injectors to your power windows. Here at Precision Auto serving Germantown, Maryland, we are well-versed with the electrical system of all makes and models and the varying auto electrical repair services. If you require maintenance or repair for any of these items, we invite you to reach out to us to schedule an appointment. Our team of qualified auto electrical repair specialists has the skill and experience to perform inspections, diagnostics, and services.