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What Does a Car Battery Do?

Similar to the batteries that power everyday devices, car batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy, which supplies power to all of your car’s internal components. The starter takes energy from the battery and powers a motor that cranks the engine. At the same time, the alternator recharges the battery and sustains power to your infotainment system, electric steering, climate system, and more. Your battery continues to support your car by providing additional jolts of energy as needed and taking over for all electricity supplied while your car’s engine is off. If your battery is compromised in any way, such as being corroded or having a loose cable, performance will suffer—sometimes severely. At Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland, we have ample experience with car battery care. If you are experiencing issues with your battery, due for maintenance, or would like a general inspection to ensure it’s in proper working order, we are here to assist! We promise prompt turnaround times and a job well done every time.