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Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair in Germantown, Maryland

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Understanding Your Car’s Suspension

As a major contributor to the car’s support system, the suspension needs to be in optimal condition at all times. The suspension is located on the undercarriage and runs the length of the vehicle. It is also responsible for maximizing overall performance and ensuring a smooth-and-steady ride by absorbing bumps in the road. Several parts make up the suspension, but the most important include the shocks, struts, and springs, closely followed by rods, linkages, joints, control arms, bearings, and bushings. Each component plays its part, and if one starts to fail or become compromised, the whole system can suffer. Examples of suspension problems include shocks/struts that break down or leak, springs that get damaged or sag, ball joints that fail, and control arms that bend or otherwise become damaged. When it comes to the care of your suspension, you can trust the experts here at Precision Auto in Germantown, Maryland! We offer all forms of suspension repair services and parts replacement for its components.